Ian is a firearms instructor who travels all across America training people in a number of different art forms and techniques designed to take human lives. What I like most about him is that he values education very highly, he sees himself as a teacher rather than simply an instructor: stating that the primary difference is simply that a teacher will help you understand while an instructor will simply demonstrate or show you. He has a mind that appreciates and has an affinity for philosophy, history, the psychology behind things such as meditation and various other modes to unlock once personal greatness. Because of these values wewere able to go very deeply into the psychology of training for combat, personal development andprinciples around stopping violence with violence. Ian was a line infantryman in the US Marine Corps with 3/2 (real recognizes real) who also spent time operating in Boston as a bouncer and an Executive Protection Agent. My conversation with Ian didn’t go at all the way I expected it to go and I was pleasantly surprised by that, I feel that this interview gives much more value than one would expect or be able to tell simply from the surface, so get it in!

Itinerary of information during the episode :
1:06 – Introduction
2:30 – Being an educator
4:20 – What’s your background
7:50 – Training
10:10 – No shame in your game
12:54 – Constant Chase
14:55 – All about Rune Nation
17:50 – Symbol of protection
19:20 – Values
25:25 – Hardware/Software
27:10 – Foundation
31:50 – Biggest takeaway from Marine Corps
37:10 – Appreciation of life
41:05 – False Motivation
44:33 – Enjoying Life
49:48 – Life after Marine
54:26 – What is your vibe
59:59 – Biology
1:00:18 – Teaching life-changing skills
1:07:00 – Dealing with violence
1:16:17 – Humility
1:22:51 -Proficiency & Participation
1:31:3 –  Takeaway
1:52:52 – End Credits


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