Chris Sipe Interview

Chris Sipe is a physical security professional, protector, and key leader within his organization and the security industry. He specializesin public figure/high profile personal protective services such as protective operations logistics inthe film studio safety and security sectors. He is currently, managing security and logisticalsupport programs for Netflix Studio’s marketing publicity campaigns as well asother studio focused public-facing special events, globally. Chris has his hand in any number of multiple security operations globally at any given time. He is managing various aspects of securing production from start to finish on multiple venues. This requires a level of organizational leadership and management that I believe anyone listening to this podcast can benefit from, not only with regards to private security but also leadership in business as well. Consequentially he’s also a fellow Marine Corps Infantryman and so us grunts were really able to get into step very quickly on this one, good episode! The Marine Corps really does know how to impart solid leadership qualities and if the individual has a decent value system, prospective, perceptive abilities and drive then success in life becomes more than possible; it becomes probable. This episode is designed to contribute those qualities to you on an individual level and also to the industry.
Chris Sipe
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Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:05 – Introduction
2:46 – Chris’s Journey
3:24 – Transition
5:35 – How Chris got in?
7:02 – Opportunities
8: 36 – First exposure
10:41 – Evolve with the game
12:02 – Your reputation is your calling card
14:03 – Reliability is the stamp of approval
16:28 – Byron’s tools for success
20:24 – Getting it right
23:43 – Badge of courage
28:29 – Mindfulness
30:01 – Play to your strengths
33:42 – Protective Program
38:31 – Brilliance in the basics
42:53 – Three principle that made Chris more successful
46:10 – Are you ready to run and gun?
49:24 – Missteps
52:06 – Getting mesmerized
56:56 – Client Management
1:00:11 – Communication
1:08:01 – Making mistakes and apologizing
1:11:47 – Confidence
1:16:26 – Holy shit moment
1:18:46 – Dishonor yourself
1:23:47 – Diplomatic Security
1:27:38 – Training component
1:30:57 – EPL as an Industry
1:34:48 – Misconceptions
1:40:12 – Vulnerabilities
1:44:02 – Standardization process
1:50:07 – High scrutiny situation
1:56:32 – Protectors mindset
2:03:14 – International perspective
2:10:56 – Karma rebound
2:15:35 – Win friends and influence people
2:16:56 – Find Chris on LinkedIn
2:17:55 – End Credits

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