Dadi is one of those types of men that you meet and you genuinely want to believe that he’s just special, that he simply built from something different and that he naturally has always just been on another level. When you actually speak with him, however, it becomes dramatically apparent that he is extremely down-to-earth and while he definitely is on another level than most and brings with him the types of experiences most of us have only read or dreamed about, he is a very warm, caring and down-to-earth individual. During my time with him in the field, I learned many valuable lessons both about executive protection and about life. He is simply the type of leader I really wish could influence more agents in our field. He was forged in a nation under constant threat and his professional career has the stripes of real-world experience within the protection game. He maintains strict disciplines with regards to his physical fitness, diet and intellectual prowess which gives him a monk-like feel at times and when it is time to work a whole different side to him comes out altogether. I hope that this interview gives the listener the opportunity to benefit from Dadi in ways that will make us all better practitioners in the end.
Background: A Homeland Security expert with over 20 years of experience ranging from dignitary protection to aviation and diplomatic security. After a 22-year career in the Israeli prime minister’s office serving in a variety of security and managing positions, Dadi took his expertise to the private sector. He started his career as a special agent in the Israeli dignitary protection unit and moved on to operational and management positions. After serving as Chief Instructor of the Israeli Dignitary Protection Unit, Hewas posted overseas as the Security Manager of Israel’s Diplomatic Mission and Aviation in Cairo, Egypt and as the Security Director of the Israeli Aviation in the US West coast. His last position in the Prime minister’s office was head of the branch, in charge of Direction and Regulation of Security overseas Facilities and Diplomatic Missions. Born and raised in Israel, He served in the I.D.F –Israeli Defense Forces, as a Special Forces Sergeant in a Counter Terrorism unit. Dadi holds a BA in logistics and Economics from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

2:02 – Dadi’s background
6:21 – Working with the Prime Minister
9:02 – Dignitary Protection Unit
12:15 – Managing Client Expectations
14:42 – Do’s and Dont’s in International Security
16:36 – Suspicious environment
18:40 – Working in Israel
22:28 – TSA security process
29:15 – Diplomatic security agent in Egypt
33:24 – Living with a sense of purpose
36:52 – Risk and threat at the embassy
44:17 – Fight the complacency
50:01 – Psychological Energy
57:48 – Knowing security
1:00:44 – Being in a combat unit
1:05:49 – Best advice
1:15:51 – Rituals
1:25:37 – End credits

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