Rafa Conde is truly an amazing man in my opinion! Many of us do great things during our time on this planet but there are few of us who do great things that really positively impact the lives of others on a large scale or even outside of our own organic sphere of influence. 

People who deliberately aim to elevate the quality of other people’s lives are people that I truly believe were sent here for a reason and are very special. Rafa is not only a warrior but he’s also one of those types of people and the work he is doing during his time on this earth is speaking for itself and giving men of this forgotten generation something that reminds them to take pride in themselves. 
With a background in law enforcement, considerable time on the streets in a number of different ways, experience in security and also a heavy journey into martial arts; Rafa and I had no shortage of things to talk about!

With Rafa’s brand and podcast “Man of War” he positively influences men of today’s society to rise up as the Warriors they were always destined to be.

Ladies, when men are acting as honorable men, everyone wins because there’s more provision and protection for all of us, this episode has something for absolutely everyone is always. This episode turned out to be a fusion of the critical and career advice mixed with warrior code and ancient philosophy that applies to everything we are all doing in life
today, ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:08 – Introduction
1:35 – Man of war
2:44 – SWAT
5:48 – Mantra
8:14 – Code zero
9:34 – Warrior
12:18 – Tactical Advantage
15:46 – Law enforcement
17:52 – Personal protection
23:21 – Proactive officer
26:11 – Murphy’s Law
31:31 – Balancing your opponent
36:32 – Zen Buddhism
45:58 – Modern Warrior
48:27 – Samurai blade
51:58 – Cowards tastes death
55:03 – Mental Toughness
58:31 – Super secret magic
1:00:13 – Special Forces
1:08:50 – NBL
1:12:38 – Organically Masculine
1:15:35 – Where folks can find you?
1:16:23 – End credits

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