I’ve never really known too much about K9s or even been really all that interested in working with them but I’ve always respected their tactical applications.
Their amazing sense of smell, agility and the very useful psychological effect
they have on humans.

The K9 is truly man’s best friend in the animal kingdom I believe and so I find it only fitting that they are also helping us achieve our goals in the private security industry. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical and cautious initially learning about some of the concepts these gentlemen are implementing within the private security with these dogs but I must also admit that I was also impressed to hear about their victories and also the capabilities they are bringing to the many security teams out there.

Depending on the client’s security needs, it seems a canine can be a somewhat unusual but perfect answer to various security concerns within a larger overall security strategy, conversely for some a canine might actually be all that they need depending on the clients threat level and the sophistication of the security concerns. I might even dare go so far as to say that more people on the planet could benefit from just a protection dog more than that actually need an entire security detail of qualified agents.

Not that the dogs are better than agents but there is a demographic out there that is right underneath the ultrarich VIP and just above the wealthy consumer that doesn’t necessarily need a human level of protection but could definitely benefit from all of the canine’s attributes.

I had the honor of speaking with Felipe Gonzalez CEO of T3 & Erick Innis Lead trainer and consultant for the company during this episode. I learned a whole bunch and I’m genuinely looking forward to bringing this episode to the industry, enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:05 – Introduction
1:55 – A dog’s game
3:47 – What does T3 stand for?
5:18 – Eric’s background
7:11 – Provide value to clients
9:15 – Humble beginnings
11:45 – Master plan
13:42 – Dogs: Advantages, Disadvantages, Considerations
17:32 – The effect you get with dog
21:25 – Training the dog
27:46 – Lifespan of the dog
29:50 – No better tool or sensor than a dog
37:00 – Training the dog
41:50 – A working dog
48:53 – Positive experience
54:20 – Intervention
1:02:04 – Lack of information
1:10:36 – Opposition Reflex
1:20:25 – Instructing a Novice Handler
1:28:45 – Hard lessons learned during the journey of training dogs
1:36:21 – Protecting security professionals
1:40:32 – Being non-verbal
1:44:52 – Daily rituals
1:45:55 – End Credits

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