John Nettles is the type of man that I’ve always only heard stories about… The gentleman that I know and look up to would say things like, “John Nettles says this or does it this way” and so we would often adopt those principles or aim to implement those tactics. There are many different types of agents in this game who do what they do for any number of colorful, honorable, dishonorable, immature and/or noble reasons but John has his own reasons for doing the things he’s done over his lifetime which he sums up in this interview simply as, “doing the right thing.” maybe Leonardo da Vinci was right when he said that, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”John is also the type of man who has enough field experience on such a wide variety of principles, techniques, and tactics that it was almost paralyzing trying to figure out what exactly ask him in an interview. For these reasons I chose to aim at his core, to try and understand what exactly it is that drives a man to a life of warrior ship. I aimed to understand the foundation that he stands on inner psychically that has given him the bravery and grace to go into the belly of the beast repeatedly for over three decades. I’m not sure if I got it but I definitely learned lots. He’s not just some cool guy from Instagram or flavor of the month among the myriad of shooting stars in thetacttardosphere.He’s the guy you don’t notice and nudge your way past in the grocery store, who doesn’t say anything to you because he knows who he is on the inside in the dirt under his fingernails that day comes from some distant third world country where he was just snatching the souls from evil men and delivering the innocent back into the hands of those they love, probably less than only 18 hours ago. I learned a lot from this interview and I believe it has much to give the world, the private security community, warriors and Americans alike. It’s with honor that I bring this conversation to light.

JOHN NETTLES: Background

John Nettles has over 29 years of Military Special Operations experience through his involvement with the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and the U.S.Government. He has multiple combat deployments from the first Gulf War, WestAfrica to recent multiple tours in each theater of Iraq (OIF/OND) and Afghanistan(OEF). John was an Instructor with the U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper Course Level II(SOTIC) as well as the Senior Instructor with the U.S. Special Forces Close QuartersBattle Course (SFAUC). He has trained thousands of US and foreign SpecialOperations Forces members in marksmanship and tactical skill sets. John has been an Adviser to multiple Special Operations Units within U.S. SpecialOperations Command as well as the Adviser to the New Zealand Special Air Service(SAS), advising and training in all aspects of Special Operations from tactical to national level areas.


Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:05 – Introduction
1:55 – Big turning point
3:25 – Background
8:28 – Basics and fundamentals
11:22 – Ultimate sign of strength
13:28 – Competitive Shooting
17:42 – The trolls
20:51 – The big takeaway
26:22 – Getting desensitized
31:14 – Being a leader
38:21 – Find that new fight
46:20 – Mike
52:46 – A good leader
1:00:42 – The hardest lessons
1:11:32 – Relationship between life and death
1:14:49 – What’s really valuable
1:19:08 – The ultimate satisfaction
1:19:35 – End Credits

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