This is the first episode in my everyday carry series. In this series, I aim to understand exactly what security professionals are carrying out there in the field. I will investigate venue specific EDC, client-specific EDC and any other types of EDC relative to the security industry in order to understand what types of gear can ultimately help us achieve success more easily and we’re out operating with our clients. For the first episode I have Christian West and

Christian West has been active in the executive protection industry since the late 1980s when he worked for Danish musicians who relocated to Hollywood. Upon returning to Denmark, he founded his own EP company, which he quickly grew into Scandinavia’s largest, before it was acquired by Securitas. Christian founded AS Solution in 2003, and again in 2009 followed his international clients to the US, where he is now based. An active member of ASIS and a leader in the corporate executive protection industry, Christian has personally planned and led high-profile engagements in over 76 countries for a wide variety of corporate and high net worth individual clients, including the international roadshow for the biggest IPO in history.

Ivor Terret, a preferred specialist partner of AS Solution, is currently based in Israel, where he was a founding member, team leader and instructor of a government Surveillance Detection and Covert Security Unit tasked with protecting Heads of State and Strategic Sites. Prior to joining the unit, Ivor was the first in South Africa to lead a security organization securing 60 medium to high-risk sites in Cape Town. In addition, Ivor has designed and implemented security master plans for covert counter-terror units and high-risk facilities and has consulted on a myriad of projects including business parks, hotels, residences, high-risk facilities, and factories. Ivor brings over 23 years of international counter-terror experience at both the official and private sector levels. In addition to consulting and operations, Ivor has instructed hundreds of students including high-risk facility security teams, government covert VIP units, government surveillance detection units, hotel security senior management, aviation security personnel, and senior management, specialized law enforcement and counter-terror units as well as corporate EP and SD units. Ivor is an authorized counter-terror instructor meeting the standards for counter-terror security procedures as set forth by the Israeli Police Force. Ivor served as a combat soldier in the IDF for a total of 13 years (including reserve duty) as well as in the Israeli Police Force in the Old City of Jerusalem. Ivor holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester where he was awarded the esteemed Dissertation of the Year Award for his research. Ivor was the elected Chairperson of the ASIS Israel Chapter in 2016.

Christian West

4:28 – Focus research pocket kit (
4:38 – Rat’s tourniquet (
5:27 – SIG (
8:31 – Regular first aid kit (
11:16 – Smoke masks (
11:34 – Tweazers (
11:40 – Lip balm (
12:04 – Trophy notepad (
12:47 – Toothbrush (
13:14 – Wet wipes (
13:35 – Stilleto flashlight from Surefire (
13:45 – Screwdriver (
14:01 – Tactical pen (
15:59 – ATA-Lock (
16:21 – Duct tape (
16:55 – Cable (
18:06 – Beta blockers (
19:12 – Skyrooms (related to SIM) (
20:19 – Power bank (
22:17 – Noise cancelling headphones (
22:20 – iPad (
22:27 – Small speaker (
22:36 – Answer cardholders (
23:04 – Clip (
24:01 – Bulletproof panel EP Bag (
25:15 – 511 tee shirts (
26:44 – Tachyon (
27:31 – Laptop bags (



32:09 – iPhone (
32:12 – Basic emergency medical stuff (
33:05 – Good pair of pliers (
34:35 – USB charger (
34:36 – Self winding watch (
34:38 – Quartz watch (
35:01 – Medical stuff (
35:04 – Aspirin (
36:35 – Rockport echo shoes (
38:19 – Sunglasses (
42:27 – Garmin (
44:33 – Flashlight (
45:53 – 550 cord pair code (
54:58 – Quality belt (
55:25 – Elastic size belt (
57:22 – Spare chargers (

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