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Structural protection: What type of tactics and principles go into physically and structurally making a piece of land safer and or easier to protect?  With regards to your school, place of worship or corporate headquarters, what can you do to the configuration of barriers and various items on your campus in order to make it an overall safer place? 

Body armor:  Do you know what the various ratings of body armor are and how they impact you as the consumer?  Did you know that there truly are only two primary classifications and ratings for body armor that are legitimately recognized?  Do you know how to choose the body armor relative to your threat profile or how to tell good armor from bad armor? 

 In this episode, I spent time with Jeremy Gray who not only has a colorful military background but is also currently acting as the business and development manager for shoot houses and barriers within HESCO.  During our time together we cover all of the above topics, questions and quite a bit more with regards to physical barrier protection as well as personal body armor. This topic is something that any serious protector or modern-day warrior should take the time to understand thoroughly in my opinion, primarily because a mistake in this aspect of your game might not be realized until it is already too late.  


Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:13 – Introduction
02:59 – Body armor
03:23 – Background
05:02 – Education
12:31 – Hesco armor
13:45 – Structural protection
17:19 – Terror block
20:27 – Cartier
25:10 – What is your life worth?
34:10 – Soft armor
39:41 – Most common threats to law enforcement
49:14 – Low pro options
56:57 – Weight factor/Performance factor
1:06:32 – Law enforcement
1:11:01 – Moral of the story
1:14:26 – End credits

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