Jared has done very well for himself in the private security industry. He is an innovator, a leader in many respects, a veteran and still a very young man. Something else I always find interesting, intriguing but not surprising is that he does not have any prior law enforcement or military experience. I look at him as yet another poster child for the reality that this job does not require you to have a high-speed background in order to be successful. In many cases, I’ve seen high-speed backgrounds hinder agents from rising past a certain point of development and I’ve even seen it cause professionals to lose their seat at the table in cases where they fail to adapt to the new playing field of the private security game.

Jared always wanted to become an executive protection agent and now that he is become so much more than just an agent, listening to his story is both tactically valuable for success and inspirational. When I run into people who think that the reason, they are not succeeding in the private security industry has to do with their lack of tactical background, I genuinely wonder what they truly know about what we do, because executive protection is much more of a dance with concierge, social dynamics and logistics than it is combat tactics most of the time. The key to success has more to do with your work product and your network than anything else, add compassion, nonstandard problem-solving skills along with an entrepreneurial mind and you have Jared. ENJOY!

As CEO of Asgard Technology Group, Jared Van Driessche is responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of the company and its first app, Protection Manager. Over the course of his long and diverse career, Jared has planned, executed and led close protection details for CEOs, dignitaries, heads of state, boards of directors, celebrities, and various public figures on more than 300 international trips to over 70 different countries. He has extensive international experience, including the provision of close protection and threat assessment to clients in high-risk environments throughout Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

ProtectionManager website:  protectionmanager.io

Public Figures, Private Lives Book Amazon Link:  www.amazon.com/Jared-Van-Driessche/e/B07JGHF3JC

Jared Van Driessche LinkedIn Page: www.linkedin.com/in/jared-van-driessche-87788539

AS Solution Blogs Link:  assolution.com/blog/

Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:13- Introduction
2:37 – Biggest turning point
3:13 – A hazy dream
5:59 – The information Era
8:09 – My foot in the door
10:58 – Faulty thinking
13:28 – Relationship building
18:17 – This makes you successful in the workplace
20:26 – Reality of this world
24:01 – The Mantra
28:12 – How important is social media
32:08 – Being taken seriously
36:08 – Lying about your clients
39:11 – Being honest
43:27 – Skills for an attractive resume
46:51 – Maintaining a level of normalcy
50:10 – Photos are super important
58:21 – Act as if
1:01:11 – Know where you’re at
1:05:03 – Pretending to be an expert
1:09:10 – Good leaders build leaders
1:11:13 – What I love about the EP Industry
1:16:37 – Hardest lessons learned
1:23:06 – Proudest moment of the game
1:27:06 – Protection Management One On One
1:34:44 – How is the information secure?
1:36:17 – Price points
1:43:01 – Awesome industry blogs
1:43:51 – End Credits

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