The aim of this conversation was truly to understand the nuts and bolts of selecting and carrying a concealed weapon with no glitz and glamour, just a man training for a few special occasions that he hopes he never has to show up for. Mickey has been studying and training in personal protection for most of his adult life. His content and videos of real-world principles and concepts concerning all things firearms is really what prompted this conversation. After really digging in, it became apparent that Mickey has really grown up into the realm of personal protection as a result of a number of tragedies and experiences with death that he had throughout his life. Everything from how to select your first weapon to ammo selection and holster preferences and how to tell if someone else is wearing a firearm is covered in this interview. Conversely, we go deep into a number of different topics that are not firearms related but have to do with various other governing principles of personal protection as well. Enjoy!

Owner and Instructor Mickey Schuch is a firearm instructor, for Pistol, Rifle, Shotguns, Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home, a Range Safety Officer and a member of Illinois Tactical Officers Association.

He is a graduate of Massad Ayoob Group, Midwest Training Group, Tac Med Essentials, as well as many others. Personally, he attends over 160 hours of training per year as a student in courses covering topics such as battlefield medicine to a long-range precision rifle with some of the best and brightest instructors in the world.

Mickey is also the President of a not-for-profit, McHenry County Right to Carry Association, a group that is dedicated to effecting change in the legislation pertaining to self-defense, 2nd amendment freedoms and to educating the public on self-defense laws and best practices. The organization was instrumental in the fight to win back rights in Illinois for carrying firearms.

He spends most of his days either conducting live fire training or working to promote and protect second amendment rights. At night you can find him at home running dry-fire drills with his kids or smoking some pork in the back yard.


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 Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:13- Introduction
2:22 – Concealed carry stuff
4:56 – About Mickey
7:36 – The reason
13:45 – The Sheepdog
15:26 – Experiential Information
21:50 – Criminal mind
31:06 – Everyone makes their own target
34:39 – Dave Harrington
42:08 – Sense of humor
50:42 – A clean conscience
54:09 – Pistol of choice
58:47 – How would you tell a newer shooter to approach pitch using a firearm?
1:07:42 – Holster game
1:13:46 – Human killings
1:18:39 – Safety standpoint
1:27:32 – Carry Trainer
1:29:24 – End Credits

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