A security officer was forced to shoot Samuel Williams, 33, outside of the 3208 entertainment complex on LongAvenue in Huntsville at 12:40 a.m. Dec. 31. Some are calling her a hero, but she says she was just doing her job. That Security Officer’s First name is Toya and she goes by the name of Trilltoyaonline. My conversation with her during this interview was very intriguing. With a background in the Army and the training, she gives herself, she contracts herself out as a solo female operator to local venues as a security asset. Apparently, she’s worth every dollar she charges and more based on the results of her last contact with an AK-47 wielding military age male aggressor.“Once he started to make moves towards the door, he was still firing off shots. I decided I had to make a choice to go ahead and stop him from entering the club. I fired off two shots. He went down,” Latoya stated. Huntsville police say Samuel Williams returned from a vehicle with a black AK-47 rifle and began firing shots while advancing toward the club entrance. (Source: https://www.waff.com/2019/01/03/security-officer-reveals-how-she-stopped-nightclub-gunman-his-tracks/)

What I found most impressive aboutToyais that she was not on some mission to try to be anything she isn’t naturally. Instead, she came across as the type of person who is all about accentuating her strengths, working to improve upon her weaknesses and deliver a work product that is in alignment with her drive to contribute on a very high level in the security industry. She is out there earning her stripes, building her company from the ground up as an owner-operator and constantly seeking to improve on herself and the environments she is trusted to influence. This interview dives deeply into the mind of a young woman who is building what seems to be a promising and lasting future in the private security industry, it encompasses her real-world combat experience and also offers insight into a woman’s experience working in the private sector. I guarantee that this interview has something to offer that many of you will not see coming… ENJOY!


 Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:13- Introduction
3:27 – The biggest moment
5:03 – the core
7:14 – A different dynamic
10:20 – How did you get into doing what you’re doing?
12:47 – Female Security
17:04 – Not just a job, it’s a lifestyle
22:41 – Taco Tuesdays
27:20 – Military skills
32:22 – Workplace is complicated
37:05 – Male dominated workplace
44:36 – Don’t react
50:36 – A slow reaction time
54:34 – The feminine aspect
1:02:27 – My tactical stuff
1:07:43 – There’s always something
1:14:30 – A very positive experience
1:18:43 – Communist California curtain
1:25:45 – Combat veteran
1:28:28 – The proper mindset
1:33:43 – The trajectory of life
1:36:46 – Adrenaline charged
1:39:02 – Training for this moment
1:43:05 – Hardest thing to do
1:47:04 – Isolating myself from people
1:50:41 – The quiet storm
1:58:28 – Santa Claus stuff
2:0546 – Being a female in the security industry
2:10:23 – The truth
2:15:37 – Proudest moment in private security
2:21:45 – Toxic qualities
2:27:03 – Where can people find you?
2:37:27 – End Credits

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