If you ask me, Brian Jantzen is one of those rare people who sees the game differently than most. He sees things from something more like a bird’s eye view while most of us are dealing with what’s right in front of us. This conversation has lots to do with the business of executive protection, the trajectory of a career in executive protection and what it could look like spanning beyond the years of simply working the streets with your client. After speaking with Brian for only a few moments, his decades of experience in this game and the perspective that comes with it became very apparent, it was also very interesting to learn that we have many of the same interests with regards to the industry at our core.

He talks about how an executive protection agent should be regarded as a professional, a specialist such as a banker, doctor or lawyer and that the relationship between the professional and client should be as such. My goal with this podcast and many of the projects I partake is simply to help restore order to our trade by creating higher-quality agents. This interview with Brian will help you think big picture with regards to the private security industry, how to run your business and the trajectory of your career. Enjoy!


After leaving the US Marine Corps as a captain in the early 1990s, Brian has pioneered corporate executive protection services internationally for Fortune 500 companies, high net worth families and NGOs.

Brian has provided protection at the highest levels of corporate and philanthropic environments in over 35 countries. With his demonstrated ability to align security operations with both the client’s organizational goals and personal preferences, Brian uses his strong relationship building, collaboration and project and vendor management expertise to create security solutions that deliver program efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Brian graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Sociology and is the subject matter expert chair for the ASIS Executive Protection Council.

Source: assolution.com/people/brian-jantzen/





Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:12 – Special Announcement (First protector symposium coming up this November 15 and 16th)
2:08 – Introduction
4:17 – Making it work on the ground
8:35 – How do you demonstrate quantifiable value to a client?
15:02 – Background
23:33 – Social dynamics
28:22 – How can we add value rather than just hedge from catastrophe?
37:29 – Bag carrier
42:47 – How do you train?
49:02 – The proudest moment on the field
59:44 – The cultural fit
1:06:55 – Why staffing is important?
1:13:59 – What makes an applicant more attractive?
1:20:53 – If there was one thing, you wanted the industry to remember you for in terms of contribution?
1:25:18 – Daily ritual
1:28:23 – How to connect?
1:30:24 – End credits

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