So this is the episode you’ve all been waiting for and no doubt expected me to roll out with Ami Toben. We go deep into surveillance detection in this episode. We dispel rumors on the topic and we discuss salient techniques and tactics that are being used in the real world. Ami is at the top of the game and a very sought after instructor and specialists on this content as I’m sure you’re all aware judging from the following he has on his blog Protection Circle and his best-selling book Surveillance Zone. It was an honor and privilege to have a discussion like this with such a sought after specialist on this topic. What I really enjoyed is how he breaks a lot of the concepts down and relate them with real-world tactics so everything makes sense and isn’t over-the-top technical. Ami Is a wealth of knowledge and I believe we will all get something out of this episode once again. If you liked this episode I want to encourage you to go back and check out the first two episodes (46 & 47) I did with Ami on Terrorist Activity Prevention.


An experienced security director, consultant, trainer, operator and published author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Surveillance Zone. Over 15 years of military and private sector security experience, and a successful record of providing full-spectrum, high-end services to Fortune 500 corporations, foreign governments, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and wealthy individuals.

Professional experience includes: security consultancy and risk assessments, terrorist activity prevention, surveillance, surveillance detection, Executive Protection, security training, intelligence gathering, full-spectrum facility security, special event security, low profile and covert security, metal detector operations, estate security, shareholder meeting security, electronic security systems coordination, public speaking, professional writing, executive presentations, account management, business development, recruiting, marketing and strategic planning.





Book – Surveillance zone…oding=UTF8&btkr=1

Itinerary of information during the episode :

1:12 – Special Announcement (First protector symposium coming up this November 15 and 16th)
2:32 – Background
7:16 – Corporate Surveillance Detection
13:47 – Hostile Surveillance
24:29 – Self Discipline
32:24 – Vantage points
37:35 – Frequently asked questions about SD
44:03 – What the information is being used for?
47:08 – Common misconceptions about SD?
57:19 – You are a source of Intel, not a client of Intel
1:00:44 – The hardest lessons you’ve learned in the field?
1:04:16 – What would be your proudest moment?
1:12:24 – What is inductive observation?
1:20:44 – Where people can find you?
1:22:48 – End Credits

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