So why do an episode on 511?

Honestly, it’s because their gear is improving the quality of my work product. The pocket configuration on the pants, the quality of the jeans with the stretch and the new cut, the new overall low profile look, and style they are putting out is extremely relevant to the way more and more of us go to work these days.

511 has always been relevant but less relevant to executive protection and more relevant to uniformed work in contracting, in my opinion. Over the course of this last year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the fact that I can now get dressed head to toe in their gear and go to work with my clientele of any type, looking just as smooth as I would look when getting clothes from my other vendors.

The major difference and advantage to wearing 511 gear doesn’t come from the style but rather from the durability, dependability and overall tactical considerations put into their products. In my opinion, 511 is now pulling forward to give you the best of a few different worlds with regards to style, tactical advantages plus durability. This episode is about what we wear as professionals. Enjoy!


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