Finally, we have the opportunity to learn from someone who has been on both sides of protection. Yana Kaytukova’s Story is remarkable and her experience is very valuable to any practitioner who wants to understand what it’s like to be on the other side of protection. When she was a little girl growing up in the Caucasus mountains in a small republic called Ossetia.

Her father chose to keep her under the protection of a bodyguard as a result of some very traumatic events that unfolded at their home one evening. These events shaped Yana’s life in many ways because it was this relationship with her newfound friend and bodyguard that not only helped her feel safe as a child but also heavily contributed to her adult aspirations to join the protection game. From joining the resistance in her country and fighting in a war to winning multiple boxing and kickboxing championships in all over Ossetia and Russia to now being one of the industries young and upcoming talents.

Yana brings a full spectrum of experiences that her clients and security detail counterparts all benefit from. Beyond all of this, she has a perspective on life and what we are doing here that is refreshing and will do most anyone some good to hear. She is a powerful, positive and highly perceptive young agent with the advantage of understanding what it feels like to be on the receiving end of what we do. I’m looking forward to seeing where her career will go. This interview has value on many different levels not only for security operatives but also for anyone trying to possibly understand themselves on even deeper levels. Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:13 – Protector Symposium
02:20 – Introduction to Yana
04:10 – Your core
07:47 – What got you to do what you’re doing?
11:42 – Definitely a dance
14:20 – Your technical background
19:10 – How long were you in the military?
25:37 – Protecting yourself
28:00 – Training
34:45 – Feeling of helplessness
38:12 – A huge weakness
44:21 – A certain lack of intelligence
49:49 – More than just a job
54:22 – Is there anything that stood out about you’re growing up a bodyguard?
56:29 – Energy doesn’t lie
58:28 – Feeling unsafe
1:00:45 – What’s Executive Protection about to you?
1:02:38 – Are your weaknesses?
1:05:15 – Client demographic preference
1:09:22 – Specific strengths
1:16:09 – Change people who really love changes
1:29:36 – Hiring a bodyguard
1:34:39 – Being powerful
1:37:16 – End Credits

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