Drew is a good old fashioned American man. He’s a father, he’s a husband, he’s an athlete and he’s a protector. He is a protector who genuinely values empowering other protectors with a very specific skill set that they can leverage against the enemy in order to win battles. Drew has belonged to some very special units in the United States Army and has deployed overseas to combat zones but what drew me to him initially is the same thing that I believe has drawn many people towards his brand. He has a drill that has to deal with manipulating your weapon and engaging targets with a high level of accuracy while being “cold and on-demand.”

When I first heard about this drill, it touched me deep in my warrior spirit because I honestly can’t even count the number of times I’ve gotten to ranges and thought to myself, “well we warmed up for our shooting day… In real life, we won’t have the privilege of getting hot before we start keeping score.” Naturally it’s safest to warm up when you get to the range depending on the level of proficiency of your shooters and even then it’s not a bad idea but this drill takes a real-world approach to understanding a shooter’s ability somewhere closer to the ways he will have to perform Outside of the range when lives are in the balance. I knew that a drill like this could only come from a genuine, practical and experienced mind and this is why I sought Drew out for this interview. Time flew by and we ended up going deep, there’s so much here, ENJOY!

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:13- Protector Symposium
03:00 – The reality of the game
05:05 – Social stress or self-induced stress
07:14 – Civilian standard
10:03 – Active Shooters
12:31 – Unlocking that potential
14:36 – Something more valuable than money
19:29 – A healthy dude with a healthy attitude
22:52 – Your mission
29:51 – Nothing worse for the shooting community
35:17 – What are you training for?
39:59 – Never be ashamed
45:31 – Don’t bring up your rank
52:15 – There’s a lot to learn
58:10 – Team dynamics
1:02:52 – It’s all about the team
1:10:55 – What have you done for your team?
1:17:18 – Hardest lessons learnt
1:20:09 – Moment of vulnerability
1:26:36 – Unique Experiences
1:34:29 – Mission drives training
1:39:56 – Self Defence
1:43:54 – Training yourself into something that might not be profitable
1:50:00 – Your purpose can be different than ours
1:54:14 – Professional relationship
1:57:57 – Tactical mindset
2:05:39 – Understanding each shooters level of proficiency
2:10:45 – Line between accuracy and speed
2:14:57 – A cold start or standard or real life situation
2:36:22 – Confidence comes from experience
2:41:38 – End Credits

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