Tom comes across as an extremely down to earth guy and honestly, that’s what I like most about him. As he spoke there wasn’t an error of this unrealistic capability that he could pretend that he has, simply because he’s one of the main men in the knife fighting game but rather, he really seems to respect combative arts and the reality that in combat, anyone can kill you.

We focused on knife fighting and blade encounters during this interview but it was also made clear to me that he also has a thriving firearms training component to his work as well. His response to one of my usual opening questions concerning who he is has really blown me away and is probably one of my favorite answers all year… He said that he wants to be the type of man people can count on. To me I think that’s what everything is all about on so many levels in life, not just professionally but also with regards to your friends and family.

The time I spent with Tom was fantastic, informative and straight to the point. I’m also looking to learn quite a bit more about edged weapons this year in order to become a more well-rounded protector in this case the podcast worked as a fantastic mechanism to have a conversation with one of the men at the top of this game. Lastly, I hear that he will be coming to my area to do some training early next year, I hope to join in there and do a review so keep your eyes open for that. ENJOY!

Tom Kier is considered to be a subject matter expert (SME) by USSOCOM and holds a Master Instructor rank in Sayoc Kali “The Art of the Blade” with over 27 years of training in the system. He also holds full instructor and senior instructor ranks in other combative systems and is adept in striking and grappling systems as well as weapon-based systems. As the Director of Operations for Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) he has trained Military, Law Enforcement, and Government Personnel for the last 20 years. As an Instructor in concealed carry applications, he helped develop the comprehensive Integrated Combatives Program (ICP) for certain military and government clients in 2005. The (ICP) combines Firearms, Edged Weapons, Striking and Grappling into a fluid and practical application of force. Tom continues to refine and develop the (ICP) for those interested in developing this capability.

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

02:53 – Who are you at your core?
04:19 – Deep level of masculinity
06:01 – Life as a warrior
09:13 – Your Honour
12:24 – The strongest rise to the top
13:19 – Tactical Background
21:13 – The Hunted
28:32 – Better weapon position
31:19 – Combat mindset
34:52 – Three elements of a fight
40:01 – Dynamics of this type of weapon
41:12 – The hardest lesson
44:08 – Knife placement and knife selection
46:10- Weapon retention tool
50:38 – Fistfights
53:20 – Integrated conservatives
59:35 – Big mistake in knife fighting
01:01:24 – Ego Management
01:08:42 – Good everyday combat blade
01:14:52 – The proudest moment
01:19:08 – Favourite quote or mantra
01:21:55 – The right mindset
01:25:17 – End Credits

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