Caleb Gilbert is truly a one-of-a-kind protection agent. With no military or law-enforcement background, he has legitimately changed the way people do executive protection in this modern age. As one of the original creators of the covert protection model, his contributions to the game of private security will far exceed his career. What I truly appreciate and respect about Caleb is simply that even after creating the COPRO strategy and operating within the levels of success relative to being able to support such an elaborate security strategy, he doesn’t stop there.

He continues learning, stays hungry, continues mentoring and contributing because he’s a man on a mission to find out not only how far he can go but how much he can give to this game we love before the end of his career. Any man who is this dedicated to growth and contribution is a man that has my respect. The things we talk about in this podcast simply will help anyone who does what we do take their game to the next level. Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:12 – Introduction
02:20 – Who are you at the core?
05:25 – Our lives revolve around what we do
08:00 – Law Enforcement
11:25 – The core principle
12:50 – The agents of tomorrow
19:00 – Focusing on what you can do
20:02 – Tactical background
26:13 – The core guidelines
31:00 – What it takes to be successful?
35:37 – An amazing journey with amazing partners
39:42 – Threat environment
46:42 – What is the principal’s expectation?
54:02- Setting your ego aside
1:00:06 – A constant progression of training
1:11:49 – Transition from field agent into leadership?
1:18:09 – Where people can find you?
1:20:12 – End Credits

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