Not only is George Grant doing some amazing things for one of the top private security companies in the game but he’s also emerging as a leader on a topic that doesn’t get enough attention. That topic is the style of Executive Protection with regards to fashion and appearance.
Most agents may pretend like they are too tough to take this topic seriously but it is a topic I’ve seen greatly impact Close Protection agents’ careers on many occasions…

To be entirely honest with you I can look at an agent and based on their style alone I can almost estimate their survivability in many cases because this one component will greatly impact their ability to gain cultural equity with their client and their clients’ circles of influence a.k.a. “the royal court.”

As much as people don’t want to admit it, this industry and dare I say life itself has a vanity to it and while you may not be the biggest or the strongest, if you can look good, you will go farther and there’s actually quite a bit of science that validates what I’m saying.

Nonetheless George a.k.a. the EP style guy is using his influence not only to do good work out in the field but also help agents take their appearances to the next level. When you realize that style truly is communication and that very intelligent people pay attention because they know that everything truly does count, it becomes obvious why many many high-powered individuals actually pay attention to this one component very closely.

Beyond all that, your style impacts the brand of your client and if you’re out of step with your client’s image in many cases you will be out of step with your client. This interview was lots of fun and is packed with priceless information on fashion they can help us all have more successful careers. ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:12 – Introduction
02:03 – Why is style an important component?
03:48 – Protector Symposium Replay
04:27 – Who am in my corner?
07:13 – How did you get into doing what you’re doing?
09:09 – Feelings about your career
11:43 – Your mission
12:41 – Why do you do this stuff?
15:11 – Progress equals happiness
17:22 – What made you notice the style first?
18:38 – People always notice your style
20:45 – The three general styles
23:09 – Suit game
25:11 – Go with blue instead of black?
28:31 – If you’re gonna wear a black suit, you better do it right
33:17 – Learning about style through suits
36:39 – Talking about layers
40:14 – Everything counts
42:08 – Budget
45:54 – Pro Tips
49:48 – Negative outcome in the field
52:33 – This is going to cost you if you don’t figure it out
56:09 – Clean your shoes
59:42 – Getting dressed and Executive Protection
1:03:01 – Real watches
1:06:21 – Fun thought exercises
1:08:19 – How would you like to be remembered?
1:10:32 – Where can people find you?
1:14:02 – End Credits

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