This was a live question and answer session myself and Aaron conducted inside of our Facebook group, “Executive Protection Lifestyle.” I try to do these live question-and-answer hangouts personally and with other industry professionals from time to time in order to contribute to our group in the same way that this podcast is hopefully contributing to the industry. We go over many interesting industry topics and talk about a number of under the table dark art forms of executive protection that not be conventional but have definitely helped us over the years.
Just a few topics we touch on consist of:-Managing expectations 
-Positioning with your clients
-Communicating with clients
-Layering your security approach
-Principals over tactics
-Executive protection leader ship
-Giving clients space 
-EP is like dating 
-Everyone on the team is a leader 
This was a shorter episode but I assure you it is still packed with many jewels of industry knowledge. Aaron is a good friend and fellow agent that I love working with and I look forward to having on the podcast again, as well as working with him again in the near future.

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