⚜️The reality of this life is that everything comes at a cost. Even when you’re having a trivial conversation with somebody, you’re paying for it, with your time. So, whenever you get distracted, ask yourself, is this how you want to invest your time? Remember, every action that you take, will either take you closer to your goal or push you farther away.

It’s important that the people in your life understand the value of your time, and not get offended when you have to work on achieving your purpose. It’s important to be a work in progress in order to be worthy of the blessing that you’re seeking. The pain that we endure in life is designed to make us strong enough to honor the struggle.

I get my self-worth from my heavenly father and from the work that I put in for myself. I like to be a better, stronger version of myself with each passing day. It keeps the fire and light within me alive. Do not be afraid to get on your path and face your fears. The reality is you are your biggest fear, and it is you alone who can overcome this fear. And only by going through your fears can you become the person God has created you to be. The fears you do not face simply become your limits, while the ones you overcome act as the wind beneath your wings.

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