Jonathan(Jon)Burke is the founder and lead instructor of Next Level Combatives. With over three decades of experience in mixed martial arts, self-defense (armed and unarmed), and close-quarters combat, Jon developed the P4 De-escalation Training Program. This unique program utilizes a systematic approach that yields immediate results and retention under stress for participants of various skill levels.

Through martial arts, Jon has helped countless men, women, and children of all occupations and socio-demographic backgrounds. He has worked with families, schools, universities, small businesses, and large corporations to carve paths and improve their personal and group safety environments.

Jon is bringing hand-to-hand combat to the protection industry in a way that has never been done before. He’s been training elite fighting forces, agencies and departments for over a decade and now he is joining forces with the League of Executive Protection Specialists to bring a hand-to-hand system to the executive protection industry through our school.

We are absolutely honored to join forces with him not only because he is bringing something new, cutting edge, and effective to our hard skills program but also because of the character that you will see as you listen to this interview. Johnathon Burke is the type of warrior that I truly respect and as I’ve gotten to know him, I’m looking forward to joining forces with them on a number of different levels to serve all of you and the protectors of the world better.

As a result of this, The League of Executive Protection Specialists will be offering one of if not the most cutting edge bodies of work with regards to executive protection centric hand-to-hand protection measures/combatives. If you haven’t trained with us follow the links below and let’s go!

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