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There are so many fantastic options out there when it comes to driving courses and training these days. I wanted to make this video to explain some of the differentiators we at the League have when it comes to our full service driving course.

Really it comes down to what you’re looking for. Some agents simply want vehicle dynamics which has to do with learning how to drive a single car very well which is the foundation of all driving courses and is exactly where you should begin.

The next level is an actual security driving package which has to do with understanding how to communicate in a convoy, vehicle placement, immediate action during emergencies and a number of actual security related tactics.

The third level is where we bring it all together. This is where you must utilize the vehicle dynamics you learn at the beginning of the course infuse them with the security driving tactics you learn in the second level of the course while leveraging what you learned in the third level of the course which is actual CONTACT driving.

As far as I know we are the only ones offering contact driving in the United States to private security professionals and it is an honor to do so. The other two levels vehicle dynamics and security driving are kind of like learning how to become accurate on the range and get on paper, then learning how to compete at a shooting competition but contact driving is where you actually learn how to fight and defend your client and yourself behind the wheel… Force on force is really where you learn how to fight.

Every single level of training is extremely important. If you would like to be a true security driver you should definitely be trained in all three levels.

We are rolling out new courses on the calendar as we speak

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⚡️New Dates Available ⚡️
* September: 9th – 16th
* November: 4th – 11th
* Jan 2023: 6th – 13th
* Mar 2023: 3rd – 10th
* 8 Days / 90 Hours: Elite Hands On Training Program
* Tucson, Arizona: The League’s Hard Skills Training Facility
* Certification: Multi-Disciplinary EP Certifications:

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