???BOOM! In this episode, I dive into the motivations for giving birth to the Hard Skills Intensive course and why Rick Sweeney and I chose to enter the training side of our industry with this first class under the banner of The League of Executive Protection Specialists.


Rick and I both have different perspectives on private security and executive protection. Rick works primarily on high-risk operations around the world and he has done so for decades. He’s also founded and operated Secfor International, which in my opinion is one of the best schools in the industry, that has trained thousands of executive protection agents.


My experience in the Marine Corps and doing executive protection in over 60 different countries, gives me a unique perspective on what an agent might need when on the job. 


Our course will elevate you to the next level in hard skill competencies of driving, shooting, and medical. When our clients hire us, they hire us to be able to protect them and these three core competencies are skills that we hope you’ll never need, but in the event you do, you are ready!


So many other courses are appropriately politically correct and soft-skill-centric. However, the Hard Skills Intensive course ensures, whether you are a civilian, law enforcement, or military that you will be able to PROTECT! 


Our goal is to make sure that every graduate of this course is a competent, legitimate, and able-bodied protector. There are no participation trophies, everyone is rated, given a tier upon graduation, and becomes part of the brotherhood that helps us raise the golden standard in the private security industry. 


There is something in this episode for everyone… enjoy!!


Podcast Show Notes

00:00 - The whole point of creating The Hard Skills Intensive
05:00 - Civilians in the EP game
14:00 - The 3 brands one should represent
20:34 - Advice for people coming into the industry
29:07 - The Hard Skills Intensive Course: Graduation celebration


⚡Train with us at https://www.epspecialist.com



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