Chris Story is a very well-known name within many high circles of our industry. He wouldn’t think so but he has an impressive background with time in special military units, contracting, and other great accomplishments. He has climbed the ladder of success in private security in order to be seen as a very valuable instructor and industry leader. He has shared the stage with other professionals at the top of our industry at a number of well-known venues.

But what I truly appreciate about Chris Story more than all of that is his ethos of humility and practicality. Beyond those values, I also feel that I detect in him a genuine desire to assist others and make contributions to their professional careers. With a good sense of humor that is sometimes a bit cynical but effective in helping us to not take ourselves too seriously, Chris leads by example and actively instructs private security professionals on how to achieve success in many areas.

We are fortunate to have him and it was an honor to spend this time with him on the podcast. This episode is packed with a lot of knowledge from the game but also some considerations for the times we now face. ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade



Itinerary of information during the episode :
00:59– Introduction
03:11 – The Close Protection Community
08:07 – EP and Corporate Consulting
13:47 – International Protective Security Board
16:42 – Learning from other person’s perspective
20:48 – The truthseekers and the people are more realistic
24:56 – How do we connect under one umbrella
28:24 – Celebrating the expertise
31:51 – Making a Decision Maker
34:17 – The biggest misconception
40:21 – Threat assessment or threat management
58:38 – Specific traits in guys or girls required for EP
01:01:10 – Emotional Intelligence
01:09:07 – Covid impact on the industry
01:17:14 – Don’t be in that situation
01:24:28 – The difference between nice and kind
01:26:37 – End Credits

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