Josh is an industry leader in the Australian Executive Protection market. His company Empire Protection is a well-known and well-respected shop down under. Needless to say, it was an honor to be able to do this episode with him in order to add more flavor, diversity, and awareness to the Executive Protection industry about the differences and similarities of our beloved industry around the world.
We talk about ways to network, techniques for finding work, and how to get in with the executive protection companies. We talk about networking, mentorship, and the importance of having an international network that affords you the ability to leverage international assets as needed over the span of your career.

We recorded this episode with a live audience who got to interact with us, ask questions and it was a total blast! I hope that in the future you will join us for one of these live recordings. Needless to say, this episode has something for everyone in it. Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:55 – Introduction
03:18 – Small Industry. Big Space.
06:15 – Business aspects and logistics
13:21 – Stay diverse in your relationships and connections
18:13 – Executive Protection
22:01 – Contribution to life
34:21 – High-powered human beings
38:24 – Sphere of influence
43:55 – Future of our industry
50:20 – Minimum Licensing Requirement
1:17:33 – Be ready for tomorrow’s event
1:28:04 – Overselling and under-delivering
1:41:58 – End Credits

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