Ilya is an extremely rare type of security professional. He has a fast background and a number of different technical aspects of security, the management of field operations and teams as well as collegiate teaching experience. The synergy of experience and skills he brings to the private security industry is not only rare but taken with his overall level of intelligence and scholastic capabilities…

Ilya is the type of professional I believe we all can learn so much from. I’m genuinely very excited that he has chosen to put together his life‘s work into the educational path he’s now offering to the private security game. Beyond his passion for educating is his ability to do it thoughtfully, intelligently, and very effectively… I am seriously excited and honored to do my part in introducing his work to as much of the private security industry as possible because I know for a fact it will help us all render a higher quality of service to our clients in the world.

As you all know my mission is to bring Honor back to our industry so that the private security professionals are looked at just as other specialists such as lawyers, doctors, and accountants; well Ilya is the type of man who can contribute heavily to helping us all get on that level. There’s quite a bit in this podcast for all of us.… Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:02 – Introduction
02:27 – Improve the quality of my career
07:28 – Something needs to change in the way we give advice
18:44 – How do you run in advance
29:13 – Conflict of interest
40:32 – Lack of attention to detail
57:56 – Physical security is it’s own niche
01:08:01 – Always learning
01:16:06 – Make your bed
01:19:05 – End Credits

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