This episode was taken from a live session I did inside of the Executive Protection lifestyle Facebook group. The EPL Facebook group is where it all started. At first, it was a dream simply to create a place where Executive Protection agents could share opportunities and industry tips tricks, and tactics with one another. It quickly grew and became much more than that as people started continually learning, sharing, and growing within our profession together there.

As a result, I started this podcast which has turned into a beautiful project where I’m able to make contributions to the industry through those who will listen to help us all hopefully perform on higher and higher levels. This is important because it improves the quality of our deliverables to our clients which brings honor back to us as service providers and that has always been my ultimate goal.

I am now honored to have developed the Executive Protection Training Day Success Package which really represents the most holistic and robust training, networking, marketing, and placement opportunity that I’m aware of in our industry from a purely digital standpoint.

Naturally, I won’t stop there but this is where things are right now and there’s no time to understand how to be digitally competitive and dynamic with regards to helping your career out such as this present time. I go deep into tactics around getting into the game of executive protection in this interview and I also speak about some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that should help most professionals who tune in. ENJOY

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:04 – Introduction
03:45 – Executive Protection Lifestyle Group
08:12 – Executive Protection Training Day
13:27 – A time of abundance in this industry
20:01 – How to build your own brand in this industry
30:31 – Security contracting
35:23 – The different types of opportunities
39:48 – Make your resume dynamic
42:23 – Learn how to deal with reality
48:07 – Creating, manufacturing and cultivating high-value relationships
52:38 – Networking
55:47 – The Protector Symposium
59:16 – A long-standing career in the industry
1:00:45 – End Credits

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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