Bazzel Baz has emerged to be one of the most special men I have interacted with in a very long time. A true warrior of the physical and spiritual kind. Individuals like him are of the rarest breed in my opinion and experience and I can only hope that as I evolve and mature, one day I can join the ranks of these great men.
Bazzel has lived the life of a warrior and has done everything from CIA special operations leadership roles to Marine Corps Unit leadership roles to even having a career in Hollywood. The question I think that is posed to a man after he has climbed most of the mountains he has seen and survived many battlefields that have swallowed up so many of the best of us is simply what fight do I contribute to next? What battle may I be honored to participate in and what adversity deserves my attention given the skill sets and experience a warrior like this acquires on his journey.
So these days Bazzel Baz finds himself leading an elite organization rescuing children called “Association for the recovery of children” (ARC).
This organization is the real deal, not the type of place you just give money to so you feel better and can sleep better at night but rather the type of place that puts boots on the ground and snatch the children from pitch-black darkness.
We’ve got more than an epidemic of children missing in America and around the world and they’re being sold into modern-day slavery but you won’t hear anything about it in the media because they’re so busy causing social disruption over trivial issues that are designed to weaken the public. We live in an age of modern-day child sex slavery and I’m honored to be connected to a man who, by the grace of God, has to do his part at ending legitimate modern atrocities. We talk about everything in this episode from the current state of America to Bazzl‘s CIA operations and about the work that can be done for our children being stolen and sold to the highest bidder on the black market… Enjoy!
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Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:55 – Introduction
01:55 – The life of a warrior
04:39 – Discretion is the greatest part of valor
08:31 – Defending people who can’t defend themselves
12:35 – A moment that altered the journey of my life
19:22 – The coolest job on the planet
25:30 – The Association for the recovery of children
30:39 – 4,21,000 American children missing
36:16 – The Marine Corps
45:04 – Views on Antifa
56:13 – Speaking out
01:13:48 – Fighting the principals of darkness
01:20:40 – The fate of the world
01:26:55 – Path of serving
01:31:32 – How would you like to be remembered
01:34:05 – End Credits

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