We live and now are required to work in a world where we must learn to deal with the reality of the digital age effectively. This means our security measures must also fully incorporate strategies that prepare us for additional and some unforeseen factors brought to bear as a result of the new digital landscape.

Many professionals have been looking for ways to keep up with the changes and additional vulnerabilities and risks brought to our clients through the digital realm we are now all in contact with. During my own personal career, I’ve also been looking for answers not only to help me keep up but place me in a position of advantage with regards to anything that happens concerning my principles and clients digitally. I must say that at the time of this podcast episode and as I write this I’m very happy to cross paths with two former Marines that have been together within a company named Edgworth to present a number of digital solutions to myself and my clients that are proving to truly be invaluable.

What I also find invaluable is the character with which they do business, being a Marine and always having a personal bend toward troop welfare and the ethos of honor, courage, and commitment; I always find it very refreshing when I find other individuals who conduct business in the same manner. With Kenneth Young at the head of the company and Chad Brockway as the VP Edgeworth security has been able to do a number of things digitally that I believe the whole entire industry should know about.

Not only on the side of open source intelligence but also with regards to artificial intelligence behind the camera systems we’ve all been watching for so many years. This episode has a lot of potentials to change the game… Enjoy.

Itinerary of information during the episode :
00:59– Introduction
02:22 – About Ken and Chad from Edgeworth
05:28 – Taking the industry in a different direction
10:03 – Intelligent Services Business
14:46 – Enabling customers to make informed decisions
16:29 – Acknowledging the competition
19:01 – Customer Service
24:12 – Contingencies and Layers
28:12 – The reality of everything is that it’s evolving
31:49 – The proudest moment in the field
35:03 – Word of mouth is everything
38:02 – Team is what makes the whole entire difference
42:14 – Identifying and mitigating a threat
47:55 – All about market research, brand awareness, strategy
50:40 – Digital realm of available information
59:56 – Mitigating damages as quickly as possible
01:03:30 – Talking about the downside
01:11:35 – Changing the security by leveraging the security
01:16:03 – How would you like to be remembered
01:23:56 – End Credits

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