Anton Kalaydjian is one of those rare executive protection kingpins who has built his organization out of the values codes of honor and brotherhood. I see this more when it comes to professionals that have a gritty background with regards to the streets but I don’t know that much about Anton‘s past.

What I do know is that he has been willing to go all the way to protect his teammates and his clients on multiple occasions and as he has proven during his time with 50 Cent where he was shot while dealing with a gunman in a consequential altercation. These types of employers and individuals in this business are the real deal and in many ways, I’ve found that people like Anton are becoming more and more rare.

He’s a wealth of knowledge with regards to the celebrity protection game and has been a dominant player am Down south in Miami and Florida for quite some time. Antoni s the type of agent and business owner I can respect both on a professional level and on a personal level based on what I gathered from our conversation.

In this video we talk about his real-life encounters with combative situations on the job, what it takes to make the transition from bouncer to BodyGuard, what it takes to be successful in the executive protection industry, and what it takes to gain respect on a high power team working with a list of acting and singing talent. If you’re in the game you’ll love this podcast. Much respect to Anton and his agents with the guardian, they are doing good work.

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Protector by nature and by trade

Itinerary of information during the episode :
00:59– Introduction
02:46 – A more intelligent, effective industry
04:01 – One of the oldest careers in the world
06:58 – Who you are at your core
11:18 – Celebrity Protection Specialist
15:15 – An opportunity of a lifetime
19:08 – The old school formula of working hard
24:20 – Getting pulled from every direction
29:27 – Preparation is key
35:13 – Trick to having a successful career
40:10 – We learn off the mistakes we make
47:15 – The biggest obstacle
56:46 – The future of this industry
01:04:03 – Times are changing
01:16:22 – Weakness is the enemy
01:26:16 – End Credits

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