Sandile is a very close personal friend and an amazing executive protection agent. I’ve literally watched him work his way up the ranks using the secret weapon of service in order to gain enough ground to accomplish his goals. No matter what the obstacles have been in his way, he has overcome them through sheer determination, focus, and the maintenance of an unparalleled servant’s heart.

Being willing to do whatever needs to be done in order to contribute to the team allowed him to carve out a position for himself time and again right in front of me as we’ve conducted operations all over the world. Fortunately, now it is his time to lead, shine and show others what can be possible for absolutely anyone who is willing to truly apply themselves and do what’s necessary to become the type of person you can acquire success within our private security industry.

It’s with great honor that I have him on the show and that we have this conversation in front of you. This conversation talks about one man and his struggle to join a high-powered executive protection team from across the globe and how that journey has blossomed into the things he’s doing now to improve the lives of others. Enjoy!

Itinerary of information during the episode :
00:59– Introduction
02:48 – Who are you at your core?
05:34 – Church Security
11:11 – Do all the best you can
16:32 – The way of life
28:00 – That’s how much I love serving
39:30 – Understanding the social dynamics
44:13 – Don’t forget what you’re here to do
55:29 – Customer Service
01:14:24 – Building local connections
01:28:16 – There’s always more
01:33:23 – Find the next level
01:41:04 – End Credits


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