I believe that in these times when things are changing all around us with regards to threat levels, enemy tactics, and social unrest it is very prudent to look outside the box at new protective measures. Yehuda Shmuel is a man who has had a career spanning multiple decades overseas in many permissive and non-permissive environments. Much of his career honestly remain in the shadows but what I love about this man is simply his heart to be a protector and to bring protective technologies to the world so good people have opportunities to protect their clients in those they love.

Naturally, this vision aligns perfectly with mine and that is the reason for this podcast. In this episode, Yehuda introduces a new Game-changing safe room technology from a truly salient company Global Secure Consulting that has been in the game of solving problems on the battlefield through superior technology and structures for years. Now, this technology can be implemented in your home, place of business, or battlefield to give us all a chance at creating a real safe space to protect when it counts. ENJOY!

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Itinerary of information during the episode :
00:59– Introduction
05:34 – The Special Task Force book
10:07 – Cyber Terrorism
15:42 – Security is a way of life
21:54 – Personal security starts with you
33:55 – Proudest moment on the field
58:32 – Success Stories
01:13:47 – Favorite Quote
01:21:01 – Awareness is Everything
01:25:04 – End Credits

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