Jerry Jacobs is an individual in the executive protection game who has been operating at some of the highest levels for years. With experience in law enforcement, running the California governor‘s detail, and also organizing international security operations on the private side; he brings a wealth of knowledge that is deep and truly multidimensional.

Beyond all of those things, he has an amazing heart for service in general. His deep internal drive to serve others and create healthy, positive leaders have carved out a place for him successfully within our industry many times over the years. This is a man I am honored to be connected with and genuinely excited to share my platform with. This interview covers so many topics having to do with resumes, powerful leadership principles, and quite a few tales from the crypt. There truly is so much to learn from this man and in this episode… ENJOY!

Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:59 – Introduction
03:57 – Who you are at your core
08:44 – What drove me into this career
12:34 – Your mission these days
17:09 – Your tactical background
27:31 – Investing in your intelligence and growth
32:54 – Learn from any situation that happens in life
39:11 – Finding a trusted vendor
50:11 – The biggest difference between law enforcement and private protection
01:07:42 – The equation
01:22:09 – End Credits

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