Every once in a while, a Marine comes along and wants to make even more of a contribution. Brady seems to be one of those types of Marines. Although he has already completed his service, he continues to serve the communities and cultures he belongs to on many levels and in extracurricular ways.

He is now an executive protection agent which is initially how I stumbled across him. He has a nonprofit that helps veterans find their way through taking them out in nature to do hunts, hikes, camp trips, etc. to use nature as therapy. One of his newer products and projects is what initially caught my eye which is the “Gray Man Project“ where he aims to train people of the gray man mentality and way of life in order to empower them to protect themselves and their families.

It was an absolute honor to have this conversation with Brady as there are so many crossovers and overlaps between the two of us and the paradigms we live by, there will be many more things to come out of this relationship but for now, enjoy this podcast and get plugged into work this man is doing because there will be some really big things coming down the line. ENJOY!


Itinerary of information during the episode :

00:57 – Introduction
01:48 – The idea of preparedness
04:10 – How chaos can own you
06:05 – Is it a good time to get into the Executive Protection industry?
09:03 – Who is Brady Pesola at his core?
11:19 – Progress equals Happiness
14:03 – Sense of justice
18:53 – Go with the flow
21:24 – Survive socially
25:51 – Mind is the most lethal weapon you have
30:31 – Family preparedness
38:46 – The unspoken language
42:34 – The conversations that strengthen the fabric of security
46:43 – Instructor is someone who facilitates confidence
49:47 – About Gray Man’s Project
57:46 – Making good people more willing and capable
01:02:29 – A diverse group of veterans
01:06:40 – Get in touch with Brady
01:07:54 – End Credits

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