Mac is a private security professional with decades of experience managing operations in a number of different international markets and theaters. He’s appeared on many huge publications such as USA Today, New York Times, and BBC as a foremost expert within the game on a number of different topics.

He has done quite a bit of work with an amazing team on an international level for major companies and his name has become highly recognized in our industry as a result. When it comes to protecting structures, venues, facilities, hotels, and infrastructures, he is a foremost expert on protection. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with my South African Israelis, they seem to be a different breed.

Nonetheless, I’m honored to have a relationship with this man because not only is he the real deal and operating at the highest levels of our game but he also is an amazing human. Very helpful, very giving, very truthful, and ultimately very respectable. Recently he has struck out to build his own shop called the AHNA Group and I have no doubt that it will render the highest quality work product with regards to the deliverables they’ve chosen.

Mac is also one of the featured experts within the executive protection specialist MASTERS class I’m rolling out and you will gain more value from him concerning risk assessments there also.

In this episode, we talk about his career, how to build yours from the ground up, and a lot of specifics concerning leadership itself. As we know our industry definitely needs more guidance when it comes to middle management. There is something in this episode for everyone as always… ENJOY!

Protector by nature and by trade

Visit website: AHNA Group
AHNA Consulting Group on Facebook

Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:04 – Introduction
05:22 – Being real and honest
11:07 – The international experience
15:27 – The things you take for granted
21:29 – Planning is indispensable
28:46 – Middle management
34:18 – Emotional maturity
40:56 – Getting educated on vulnerabilities
46:53 – Social engineering
53:59 – Faith-based security operations
58:55 – Your perspective dictates your performance
01:13:00 – Vetting different members
01:27:21 – Becoming a trusted advisor
01:38:47 – Good foresight
01:49:48 – Client is a guy who hires you
02:01:22 – It’s not who you are it’s what you do
02:08:37 – End Credits

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