The culture on your team is very often a make or break for the members of your detail, your team, and even the ability of the company to retain the contract.

The survivability of everyone involved is increased when he goes. Victories are shared along with failures and mistakes. When people truly live by the phrase, “We live and die as a team“ the game changes positively for everyone.

A team divided against itself simply will never be able to stand in this game but how do you create this culture within such a high-pressure job amongst a bunch of type “A” personalities? These are things that we explain how to overcome within the training.

Regardless of your position on the detail, you can lead from that position and change the entire climate so everyone it’s better and lives longer. Let’s join forces and allow me to promote you as a professional Executive Protection Specialist to the private security industry this year.

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Protector by Nature and by Trade

– Byron

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