⚜️Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can rest on your laurels. No matter how epic and colorful your past is with regards to Combat, the skills are perishable. Beyond all of that learning to shoot, move and communicate with a pistol is more difficult than rifle work based on the accommodations of the firearm. Fewer points of contact, shorter barrels and sites that are closer together or simply red dot on a less stable platform is a whole different ball game from the rifle.

Simply thinking that you can perform at a high level with a pistol because of your military or law enforcement background is a mistake. Pistol work is a skill set. The tactics for combat are almost the same but performing with this tool is different.

I see many agents make when we run high-skill assessments before allowing people to join our team. I want to make this video to encourage you not to fall into spitball and to inspire you to come train with us at the League of Executive Protection Specialists. Let’s make this year the most successful one of your executive protection career.

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