⚜️ This is the ultimate package to take your skills to the next level and make you as marketable as possible in the executive protection industry. With this hybrid course, we fuse together two of our industry’s best soft skills and hard skills training courses.

You will benefit from the training day executive protection success package which is the first full-service online executive protection curriculum developed by Byron Rodgers. In this course, he teaches you everything he knows about executive protection. The course is highly recognized and will give you the skills and confidence you need not only to do the job better than many in the industry but also to develop a successful career in the executive protection game.

This hybrid package also gives you access to the Executive Protection Specialist HARD SKILLS intensive course, which is also an extremely high return-on-investment package. This course will give you all of the HARD SKILLS certifications required by high-powered executive protection details and will make you more marketable and more confident than any generalist in our industry.

You will walk away from the course having attained multiple executive protection competencies. You will complete a firearms training and two levels of driving training, The second level of which is contact driving only being offered by the league. You will walk away with a handful of medical certificates that will put you head and shoulders above the baseline competencies found in our industry.

Most importantly this course will give you access to our ecosystem of tools and support to help you achieve success over the course of your entire career. You pay once and you do your career with the brotherhood at the league where we all work together to raise the gold standard. You will have access to your online platform for life making it so that you can always go back to the classroom. You will have ongoing leadership, assistance, and support from members of the league and Byron Rodgers or the coaching staff themselves as we do meetings every two weeks to ensure our students succeed and you will have access to our private chats where we share opportunities, recruit and develop our careers together.

This hybrid course is the answer for executive protection agents who want to become specialists by improving their soft and hard skills in the executive protection game. JOIN US!

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