This episode demonstrates how effective the “training day success package“ through The League of Executive Protection Specialists is at helping executive protection agents achieve the careers of their dreams.

In this video, you will hear multiple testimonials of agents that have gone through our training and are now out in the workforce. Many of these agents have achieved dream jobs that would normally have taken years. However, through our training, they were able to achieve those goals within months.

This is a real-world episode with real-world success stories and real-world advice on how training really helps further individuals and their careers.
This is an episode about a very powerful brotherhood in our industry and an example of how agents who are part of the league never have to do their careers alone ever again.

It’s a genuine honor and privilege to be able to contribute and I hope that more of you will consider joining this brotherhood and our Netwerk as we work together to raise the golden standard and make our industry a better place. ?BOOM!


Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

GOD bless and Semper Fi


Executive protection success PROOF podcast

Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

02:19 – Vincent Levy’s road to success

07:11 – new member: Mykael Gampon

10:52 – Horace Davis Jr.

15:34 – John Elliott

17:24 – advice to Horace Davis Jr.

21:40 – Dezmon Livingston’s career path and advice

29:06 – Horace Davis Jr.’s question and a secret revealed

31:59 – Kijan Simmons

34:35 – Morgan (Mo) Harris, his path and advice

38:39 – Mark Pagan

45:29 – IKETOWER

54:50 – Mike Harris


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