⚜️In this episode our guest is Aaron Kackman @aaron_kackman one of our newest members to join The League of Executive Protection Specialists. I invited him to this podcast because I wanted to showcase in long form the steps that he’s taken to achieve success in the executive protection industry with us. 


Aaron is an amazing guy who has done the right things to position himself on a fast track to success, by investing in himself with training and joining an organization that has the relationships to help him build his career. He has been able to achieve his executive protection career goals within months of training with us.


The League has put him in a position to win and we’ve done this for hundreds of agents. We look forward to doing this for any agent that is willing to apply themselves, do the work, and go the distance. 


Getting good people into our industry has become one of my biggest joys. It’s been such an honor… it means a lot to me. Throughout all the businesses and brands I run helping good people make good money in our industry has turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I have done with my life so far. Join and train with us at THE LEAGUE OF EXECUTIVE PROTECTION SPECIALISTS… 👊 http://epspecialist.com 


BTW… I wanted to mention that while it’s great to hear from the guys at the top of the industry… I would love to also hear from the guys/gals just coming into the game. To hear their stories and better understand the lessons they’ve learned and their experiences as well.


I’m sure all will find something useful in this episode!


Podcast show notes

00:00 - Introduction
00:51 - How did the course change Aaron’s life


🎥Video editing by @art_production07



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