A lot of people say that success is “all about who you know”. But that is not entirely accurate, success has a lot more to do with Who Knows You… That is why being a member of an elite inter-industry networking group is so beneficial to your career. It provides you with unlimited opportunities for finding new details, new opportunities, and expanding your influence within this tight-knit community. 


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⭕ About Byron Rodgers ⭕
During my time in the military, I served in the United States Marine Corps infantry with two deployments to Iraq as a Squad Leader for four years. Right afterward, I became an Executive Protection Agent.


Today, I proudly serve as the Chief Executive Officer at Bravo Research Group, a private security company out of Southern California. I’m the founder of Protector Nation, a training company for first responders, private security professionals, and civilians designed to help good people become more dangerous.


I own and operate my own executive protection school and training organization called The League of Executive Protection Specialists, where I help private security professionals take their careers to the next level.


Get The Advanced Skills Needed For Building A Highly Profitable Career As A Specialist In The Executive Protection Industry…


We’ve developed an entire ecosystem of tools and support that you can access from anywhere on the planet with any internet-connected device.


Align yourself with a Company that has a Globally PROVEN Track Record with 1st in Class Executive Protection Training. 💥BOOM!


Protector by nature and by trade

Start your executive protection career today at https://www.epspecialist.com/ 👈

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