Client confidentiality is a very big deal. Name dropping in conversation and bragging about who your clients are is a sign of immaturity in my opinion. The agents that tell you who they worked for or telling you a few things usually, can’t be trusted not to talk about who their clients are at the moment which is a breach of confidentiality and that they are impressed with themselves for working those clients which means they probably don’t usually operate at that level.
The professionals that I’ve come to know and respect simply do not disclose the individuals they work for because it is a matter of professionalism and operational security.
Conversely, there are some that make their money by bragging about their client list but please be advised that this approach can cost you in some circles quite a bit of equity. My approach has simply been not to ever disclose the people I work for out of respect for them, myself, and the profession of Executive Protection.
However, if it puts food on the table for you, more power to you but in my personal opinion it may close some doors to you in the industry at large so naming your clients is something you should do your best to avoid at all costs. Let’s work together, find out how we can join forces through the link below.
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