Sunglasses – I wear them as per the situation around me while on the field as an Executive Protection Agent. I sport them when I don’t want people to see what I’m looking at but there are a lot of times I choose not to wear ’em. In cases where I want to be able to control things with my eyes. Eyes are very soft but very potent control mechanism that you can use to tell people “Hey! I see you”.

Many times eye contact is all you need to control the room or an individual at a distance when you know what you’re doing. Eye Contacts even though it is penetrating in conjunction with a smile can communicate that you’re confident and aware of what’s going on and these are some of the soft skills that can keep your hands off more often which is always the goal.

We’ve all been communicating with one another through eye contact most of our lives so it is a language people organically understand. Every tool has its application, Sunglasses, or no sunglasses, there’s always a purpose.

Let it rip 👍👍
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– Byron

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