⚜️One common misconception I hear thrown around all over the industry is that in the heat of battle you will perform to your highest level of training… This is incorrect. When the heat is on you will degrade and perform to your baseline of training. We train the hard skills so that we can improve on our baseline of performance. This game is all about unconscious competence when it comes down to high-stress engagements.

Never forget that hard skills may save lives but soft skills will get you paid. Nonetheless, in order to be a legitimate protector, you must master both. Your enemy is out there right now living your life in many cases getting on the job training that makes him dangerous by nature. Just because you’re one of the good guys don’t let the easy life cause your edge to get dull. We must be prepared in order not to fail ourselves, our families, our clients, and our God when the moment of testing finally comes.

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