⚜️Something that is extremely important on any private security detail is being able to validate your program on paper. This is why you need to track Key performance indicate “KPI‘s”
The reality of this game is that there are many different reasons principles and clients may want to cut funding. The most common one Actually takes place because you’re doing a good job and nothing has happened. You’ll hear something along the lines of, “nothing has happened so why do we have so much security.“ as the person protecting, you know that nothing has happened that they know of because you’ve been doing your job but how do you validate that in a way that causes the bean counters to see your value? We do this by maintaining the numbers around the things we do within for our principles on a daily basis.

You can tell them anything but when you can show your clients, accounts, and or any of the bean counters on paper the numbers on how you are keeping them productive and happy and helps them understand what they are paying for. How many hours have you transported your principles? How many doors have you guys locked this quarter? How many guests have you facilitated on the property? How many alarms, incidents, and anomalies have you dealt with this month?
Tracking these things Will help you stay alive in this game when the budget is inevitably looking to get cut back as a result of various tectonic plates shifting in the world, your industry, with your client’s career, or anything else happening situationally. There are many other metrics to track but these are just a few common ones we leverage to help the civilians understand our value.
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