⚜️This one seems quite obvious but I’ve seen this problem negatively impact agents quite frequently. Never look at how much your client spends on things that are not your business. When I hear agents in shock at what principals or clients spend for themselves or their families,

I try to warn them to stay focused. The next thing that takes place is those agents wonder why they are not getting paid more or why they don’t get this or that amenity… The answer is simple, stay focused on your mission and the compensation will come. If not from that employer then it will come from another one eventually as long as you are genuinely demonstrating that value.

Nonetheless, never let your knowledge of what your principal or client spends on other things poison you. This seems like a very obvious one but I have seen the inability to stay focused in this way, wreak havoc in the minds of agents out in the field a number of times.

These thoughts could potentially poison your mind, and the more you’re caught up with these non-essential things, the lesser focused you would be, on your job. So keep your mind free of irrelevant concerns while on the job.

Do your job with excellence and with a good attitude!

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