⚜️Never say yes just to get to work! Some clients will try to nickel and dime you and usually, those clients turn out to be the roughest to keep and maintain. If they’re looking at the numbers now, they’ll be looking at the numbers the entire time which can cause things to be very short-lived. On the other side of things, you’ve got to ensure that you are creating win-win situations in business. Ensure that your people are getting taken care of which ensures that your work product remains on the level and in integrity with your vision.

Part of protecting your clients has to do with protecting your team because your team will perform better the more well taken care of they are.

This is a tough one to maintain sometimes because we all want to get the work and keep things moving within our companies but it is an extremely important Principle to uphold nonetheless. It may seem counterintuitive but I found in many cases that when you’re not willing to shift on your standards concerning compensation because you do not want to negatively impact your work products, the right people will usually respect you even more. Not all money is good money once said one of my mentors.

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