⚜️Honestly, this is a field note I never thought I would need to make but as I’ve conducted what has felt like endless job interviews this year, it’s become very apparent to me that this information should be out there. If you are being interviewed it is your time to show your employer how professional and personable you are. He knows that you are on your best behavior during this interaction. I believe the most successful agents in interviews for the ones that can communicate or convince the person interviewing them simply that, the level of professionalism they are showcasing in the office on that day is actually who they will be and how they will perform long-term…

Simple things such as swearing and not wearing a suit to the interview can cause you everything, especially when the competition is fierce. Never forget that you are being assessed to represent someone else’s brand during the interview process and therefore you must be on top of your game. If you can’t be on top of your game for yourself then how will you be able to do it for someone else’s organization, business, brand, or team?

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