⚜️ Good executive protection work is done through good relationships. If you’re able to procure a positive relationship with your hotel it will help you both serve the principal better. Social dynamics are very important but every once in a while you will hit a roadblock for a number of different reasons such as laws, protocols, and things like that. When this happens make sure you develop your own set of cheat codes that allow you the tactical advantages you want when working with your client.

When it comes to parking at your hotel many times you’ll get your own parking spot if you work your advance correctly but sometimes they will want to hold onto your key for a number of reasons. Naturally, we don’t want to give up our keys so do your best to get two sets of keys to your vehicle when you rent it and hang onto one for safekeeping.

This way all you need to do is find out where they are taking the car or get a VIP parking spot in order to maintain a level of control with regards to your own evacuation.

Lastly, we all know principles and clients don’t always warn us when they want to move and they don’t like waiting for things either so having your own keys can help you skip the line at the car park.

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